How Do You Level The Swivel Lounge Chair?

Different chairs have different adjustments – the more adjustments you have, the better. You want a comfortable position with a perfectly straight back.

Making these adjustments can be done in different ways. Modern chairs allow pulling a handle and moving the respective part until you reach the optimal position. Some other chairs come with different mechanisms that may imply standing up first.

Modern chairs do not require tools to make adjustments, yet some old chairs could have such issues.

  • Armrests should be adjustable – ensure they are tall enough, and your back does not rest on the chair’s seat. They should not be too low either – if they cannot be adjusted to a comfortable height, you have the wrong chair.
  • The tilt of your chair can also be adjusted – one of the most important considerations. The tilt is directly proportional to how you adjust the back of your chair. If the tilt feels a bit weird, you can try out the headrest too – adjust it until the back feels straight.

Double check arm height adjustments too. Arms can be put up or lowered based on your needs.

How do you raise the height of a swivel chair?

Make sure the chair in your living room is in the seating position – the feet should be on the floor. You will have to stabilize the base – simply place a foot or a knee on top, so it does not turn or move around.

Most chairs will require turning the seat clockwise to lower the height. Some others will need you to turn it counterclockwise to increase the height. Spin the unit until you reach the optimal height.

How do you stabilize a swivel chair?

You can use a quick fix to stabilize a moving swivel chair. Get a small rubber wedge and fit it under your chair. It should go between the actual base and the moving pole. The wedge needs to go into the base – feel free to use a hammer if it does not go in.

Make sure you do not hammer it too hard or you may cause damage to the chair. The extra friction will limit the range of motion.

What is tilt tension adjustment?

Not all chairs in living room have tilt tension adjustment. If yours does, this feature increases or decreases the force required to tilt the chair. Such adjustments are usually made with a knob. The tilt tension adjustments allow you to choose how far the chair can recline.

The feature will also determine how much force is needed for such movements. More tension means less force is required.

Why is my swivel chair wobbly?

Your living room chair could be wobbly as it wears out – the more you sit on it, the faster it wears out. Too much sitting will put stress on its joints, so it will naturally lose strength with time. Certain joints will go faster than others.

You can try tightening screws – basically, disassemble the chair if you have to and put it back together.​

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