Peak Moving Season is Coming

Summer is the peak of the moving season, during which Americans are constantly searching for all types of furniture suitable for their new homes. Let’s learn the background of Peak Moving Season together to better find the right furniture for your home.

When is Peak Moving Season?

According to MYMOV, we find that one in five U.S. households move each year. In total, 24.1 million households move each year, and the peak moving season in the U.S. occurs during the summer months, with nearly 80 percent of moves occurring between April and September.

As you can see visually in the chart below, the moving index rises significantly every weekend in April and continues through the end of the summer.

2022 Moving Seaon Heat Map

Why is the summertime peak moving?

1. Warmer Weather

For most of the United States, moving in the summer is preferable to moving in the winter. Not only does the cold weather pose a challenge to safely transporting your household goods from one location to another, but it also makes the loading and unloading process more difficult than usual. Another benefit of moving in the summer is that the days are longer, giving you more time to complete your move before nightfall.

2. Summer Vacation

For families with school-aged children, summer break is the ideal time to move. Moving to a new town or school district can often be a devastating experience for students, especially in the middle of the school year. Moving during the summer can ease the transition by settling in, ensuring that the school year begins without disruption, and giving children time to say goodbye to old friends.

3. Avoid the fall and winter holidays

The fall and winter months are a time when Americans prefer to spend important holidays with friends and family. While everyone is preparing for Thanksgiving or gearing up for the arrival of Santa Claus, moving is something they relatively don’t think about.

Summertime Peak Moving


What may happen in Peak Moving Season?

As the new crown epidemic continues to spread, U.S. residents are spending more time at home, and demand for home furnishings and furniture, especially sofas, is growing. When working from home, 61% of respondents are used to sitting on the couch to handle work and mail, and 70% of respondents said they spend their evening entertainment time on the couch in the living room.

Through market research, we found that: in 2022, the price of a similar product in the mall is nearly double its price compared to a sofa in an online store, due to rising transportation costs and increased prices of raw materials. Young Americans move more frequently, making them less likely to choose expensive offline sofas, so online furniture stores, where online transactions are the main sales channel, stand out.

For the coming renovation season, we have selected 8 products for sale according to the number of users and scenarios, and hope there will be a style you like.


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