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1. How long is the warranty period? 

One year.

2. Why there is no tax?

Our company is registered out of the U.S., so there is no need to pay tax.

3. About California Proposition 65?

Yes, the furniture shipped to CA, has the warning.

4. What’s the after-sales service?

Compensation for all losses caused by the product quality or logistics problems, we will send the accessory for FREE.

5. Why are so few reviews, Are you trusted?

We’re a small company, and don’t have many customers like other big websites, especially since we only allow purchased customers to leave a review, so there are not many reviews.

6. How can you guarantee your price is the lowest?

We purchase directly from the manufacturer without any other agents, so we guarantee our price is the lowest. In fact, other merchants may also purchase directly from the factory (like us), if this happens, please provide the product’s SKU, the link(from Amazon, eBay, etc.), and the price your want, we will negotiate with you.

7. What does “out of stock” mean?

“Out Of Stock” – The stock is sold out and we have no stock available currently.

8. I can’t find a product on your website anymore is it still available?

If an item is no longer listed it is likely it has been discontinued however if you really liked something and you can’t find it anymore.

9. My order wasn’t shipped 7 days after your payment

Please verify that your payment is confirmed and that none of the items are back-ordered or sold out. If the issue is still there then please contact us via Live Chat or email to

10. Where do I find more information about product features?

If you are interested in an item or have bought a product and still have questions please contact us via Live Chat or email to

Shipping F.A.Q

1. Do you support shipping out of the U.S.?

No, We support shipping to the U.S. only (NOT including Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico).

2. How long can I get the furniture?

Normally, It needs 1-2 weeks. If you want to know the exact arrival date, please call FedEx/UPS(we will send you the tracking number, and you also check in our “Order Track” page) : FedEx: 800-463-3339, UPS: 800-742-5877

3. Are your warehouses in the U.S.? 

Yes, we have several warehouses in the U.S. West and East.

4. Is your shipping fee free?


5. How do I cancel my order?

If your order has been paid and you need to change your shipping address or cancel it, you must contact us within 24 hours. Once the packaging and shipping process has started, it can no longer be canceled.

6. How do I change my delivery address?

Please contact us as soon as you realize you need to change the delivery address as once it is shipped we cannot change the address. Contact Customer Service ( or email to Immediately!
This process will incur fees, and the costs of the fees will be based on the quotation given to us by the logistics. So please make sure that the mailing address to us is correct to avoid unnecessary costs, especially for customers who plan to move.

7. How can I trace my order?

You can follow your order both during processing and after it has left our warehouse.
Processing: You can check the status on “My Orders” page in your account.
Shipped: Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email from us. In this email, there is the tracking information for your packages as well as the website in which you can trace your order. Tracking information is also available in our order track page.

8. Why was my order partially shipped?

There are two reasons why your order was partially shipped
1. We have different warehouses, we will not combine them together and will ship from the correct warehouse separately.
2. The items are overweight and need to ship in different packages.


1. Where is the furniture made?

Most are from Vietnam and China.

2. How does group buy work?

a. Register first
b. Start or join a “group buy” on the product page
c. (Optional) Share it with your friends or family
d. Qualified, Your furniture will be shipped out as soon as possible. Disqualified, Your money will return to your wallet.

3. How to deal with the money in your Wallet?

You can use it to buy or Ask for a refund, please contact us.

4. My order is not in my account.

There are two reasons why an order might not appear in your Order List.
1. The payment system encountered an error when you placed the order;
2. You placed your order as guest (without logging in to your account first).
If you encounter any of the above situations, don’t worry. please contact us with your order number.

5. Do you charge any fees for credit card payments?

We do not charge fees of any kind. If you paid than the order amount, Please consult your credit card provider for more information.

7. Do your product have a test report?

Yes, please check the sample here: Test Report Sample.

8. Do you support wholesale??

Yes, we support and provide a more favorable price, but the payment method is ACH, if you need it, please Contact Us before purchasing to get a more favorable price.
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